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Some of the great products available at SunPumps.


SDS D-128 Solar Submersible Pump

Category: SDS - Diaphragm Submersible Pumps

SunPumps SDS-D series submersible pumps are one of the most highest quality, low voltage DC pumps on the market.


Solar Pump Controller PCA-30M1D (For SDS Series Pumps)

Category: Controllers, DC

Sunpumps PCA series pump controllers are high quality, micro-processor controlled DC power converters designed as the interface between a DC powered pump and the power source.


SDS D-128 Major Rebuild Kit

Category: RK - Rebuild Kit

SunPumps SDS series repair kits are for the Do-It-Yourself customer that wants to service his own SDS series pump.

SIJ 0.67-1500P-120 BL

Plunger Pump, 0.67GPM, 1500PSI, Brushless Motor

Category: SIJ - Plunger Pump Brushless

SunPumps SIJ series triplex plunger pumps are high quality positive displacement pumps designed for low flow, up to 3.

SCS 12-265-120 BL

Solar Submersible Pump, 12GPM, 265FT Head, 120VDC, Brushless Motor

Category: SCS - Submersible Pumps

SunPumps SCS series submersibles are high quality, maintenance-free, DC powered pumps specifically made for water delivery in remote locations.

SCB-10-150-120 BL

Solar Centrifugal Booster Pump, 10GPM, 150FT Head 9 Stg, 120VDC, Brushless Motor

Category: SCB - Booster Pump (For Panel Direct Systems)

SunPumps SCB series pressure pumps are multi-stage centrifugals designed primarily for boosting pressure from surface water as long as the water supply is at or above the level of the pump.

SCP 67-50-120 BC

Solar Pool Pump, 67GPM, 50FT Head, 120VDC, Brushless Motor

Category: SCP - Pool Pump Brushless

SunPumps SCP series solar powered centrifugal pool pumps with brushless DC motors are the ultimate in performance and reliability.

SIJ 0.55-900P-90 BT

Plunger Pump, 0.55GPM, 900PSI, Brush Type Motor

Category: SIJ - Plunger Pump Brush Type

SunPumps SIJ series triplex plunger pumps are high quality positive displacement pumps designed for low flow, up to 3.

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