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Should I use batteries in my solar pumping system?

While batteries may seem like a good idea, they have a number of disadvantages in pumping systems. First, they reduce the efficiency of the overall...

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What is solar water pumping, and why would I need it?

Solar water pumping is the process of pumping water with the use of power generated by sunlight. The advantages of solar water pumping are many....

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What is the difference between a submersible pump and a surface mounted pump?

There are two main categories of water pumps, submersible and surface mounted. Submersible pumps are installed under the water while surface pumps...

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Do I need a water storage tank?

Storing water in a cistern or tank has many advantages. It's less expensive and more efficient than storing power in batteries. Since water is always...

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How does the sun power a pump?

The photovoltaic effect produces a flow of electrons. Electrons are excited by particles of light and find the attached electrical circuit the...

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Which is better, storing power or storing water?

Almost always you should store water and not power when possible and you will have much better performance and reliability with your solar pumping...

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